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Maintain optimal piano performance with regular tuning services. Our piano movers and tuners can handle even the most complex tuning requests.

  • Protect your piano from depreciation through regular piano tuning.
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Whether you plan to or not, regular piano tuning is a must for your piano in Singapore.

Tuning becomes even more of a necessity after you have moved your piano. During relocation, some of its strings may have been shifted unnecessarily and perilously. This necessitates immediate piano tuning services from professionals.

In fact, the longer you go without tuning your piano, the more prone it is to damage.

SG Piano Movers provides tuning services from our team of upright piano movers and grand piano movers. As a recommended piano tuner in Singapore for many years, we have worked on pianos of various types.

Don’t look past SG Piano Movers if you’re on the hunt for “piano movers and tuners near me”.

We are your friendly and trustworthy piano tuning professionals in Singapore.

The Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning in Singapore

If your piano sounds well enough, do you still need to subject it to tuning? Yes. Proper and frequent piano tuning can result to the following benefits:

  • Damage protection
    A piano that produces substandard tunes can point to more than one problem. Due to the complicated system that makes up an entire piano, it’s crucial for pianos to be tuned regularly. Worse problems can render the piano an even bigger challenge to fix. In this case, you may need full piano restoration in Singapore.
  • Tune maintenance
    Another benefit in keeping your piano in tune is you will not have to procure tuning services more frequently. A piano that has not been tuned regularly will possibly require more fixes. By tuning your instrument on a regular basis, you need not fix or tune it as frequently for the long term.
  • Professional care and guidance
    It helps to have a professional take a look at your piano from time to time. Moving your piano anytime soon? Make sure you have it looked over by a piano tuning professional after having removed or shifted it. These little habits can keep your piano working optimally for a long time.

Looking for a Piano Mover and Tuner? Trust Our Team at SG Piano Movers Mover

Piano tuning should be done every six months or so to keep your piano in top shape. The more you tune your piano, however, the less frequently you will need to tune it.

SG Piano Movers makes sure you have access to such piano services when you need them.

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