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Restore your old piano through our professional piano service providers. We offer reliable piano restoration in Singapore while keeping your budget in mind.

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Like any piece of instrument, pianos can fall into degradation and disrepair. And although it can be easier to buy a new one than to go the piano disposal route, it doesn’t always have to be so.

Restoring your old one through piano servicing can also be advantageous in many ways.

SG Piano Movers offers experienced and dependable piano restoration in Singapore. Whether you have a family heirloom that’s hard to part with or an old upright that can be polished into shape, we can help.

Our professional piano movers and piano restorers will do their best to refurbish your cherished piano into shape.

Your piano is a valuable asset. Make sure you place it in the right hands, as far as moving and restoring go. SG Piano Movers is your trusted team of piano tuning service providers in Singapore.

Piano Restoration in Singapore: Why Restore Your Old Piano?

  • Preserve a precious family heirloom
    If your old piano has been in your family for many generators, wouldn’t you do anything possible to preserve it? This is often the case with durable grand pianos or uprights that have stood the test of time. With the help of a piano tuner, your family piano could last for many more years!
  • Prepare for a performance
    Perhaps you have an upcoming event, party, or concert performance. But, your own piano has not been looking or sounding its best lately. Moreover, you’re not comfortable with trying out a new piano just when the performance is only a few weeks or days away. A piano tuning and repair professional can look into your piano, evaluate its serviceable parts, and refurbish it into its former quality — or near it.
  • Avoid an unnecessarily new purchase
    Piano tuning services can keep your hardworking piano in tiptop shape. It’s also a great way to manage your instrument-buying expenses. If you still have an old piano that can be serviced, why buy a new one and spend needlessly?

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Breathe new life into your old piano today. Trust only in experienced professionals from SG Piano Movers.

Your old grand or upright piano can be restored back into optimal performance.

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