Piano Storage in Singapore

Store your beloved piano properly and securely. Our piano storage services in Singapore are efficient and dependable.

  • Secure your piano while you renovate your home or business.
  • Hold a piano temporarily while on the lookout for bigger space.

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Now that you have successfully moved your piano from your old place, how will you find a storage space for it? Is it wise to simply leave your piano in the basement of a friend’s house? Or in a vacant office room that no one’s using? Just how crucial is proper piano storage in Singapore?

SG Piano Movers makes sure that you get not only piano moving solutions but also reliable storage services for your beloved piano.

As piano movers in Singapore, we know the need for some pianos to find a temporary place. Thus, SG Piano Movers offers storage services in addition to piano moving, tuning, and piano disposal in Singapore.

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What Will You Need a Piano Storage in Singapore For?

There are specific instances where you will need proper storage facilities for your Yamaha or Kawai. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Residential/commercial renovation
    It will be risky for your piano to be situated in an area undergoing serious repairs and renovation. Rather than expose your piano to damage, you may want to rent a temporary storage instead.
  • Lack of current space
    What happens if you have just acquired a piano but your current space cannot accommodate it? A good option is to store it with piano moving and storage specialists while you search for a bigger apartment or place.
  • Piano repair/refurbishment
    Are you planning to fix up an old piano but you don’t have the space for it while awaiting repair services? With a professional storage provider, you need not worry about the proper and careful handling of a second-hand piano.Old pianos can be easily damaged by the slightest pressure and temperature change. Thankfully, these are things which you won’t need to worry about after having secured proper piano storage.

Choose a Reliable Piano Storage Company in Singapore

If possible, take time to do a piano movers Singapore review or an evaluation of piano services from various companies.

Some helpful questions to ask during your storage review are the following:

  • Where is the facility located? Is it accessible 24/7 or only at certain times?
  • Is it flood-free or water-proof?
  • Does the storage facility have climate-control features?
  • Are piano deliveries and moving services available as well?
  • Do you offer short-term lease and long-term rentals?
  • Are there storage warranties in place?

Need Piano Storage Assessment in Singapore? Call us at SG Piano Movers Now

The storage of your piano should not be your problem anymore. With the right service provider, storing your piano temporarily will be easy and stress-free.

Here at SG Piano Movers, we take piano storage highly seriously. Looking for a good piano mover price or a piano storage quote in Singapore?

Get in touch with our grand piano movers at SG Piano Movers today.


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