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Moving a grand piano across locations is often difficult. But the right piano moving service can easily take the stress out of your shoulders.

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Grand pianos are often the centerpiece of any avid musician’s living room or the focal point of a fancy café or restaurant.

But while these pianos are lovely to gaze at and listen to, moving them can be a hassle. Piano moving, especially one that involves a grand piano, is a task best left to professionals.

SG Piano Movers is here to provide efficient piano removal services. Our professionals are experts on how to move a grand piano across the room. More than this, our team can also move your grand piano across states or across the country.

If you have been on the lookout for piano movers near me for quite some time, your search ends here. SG Piano Movers is your trusted piano moving company in Singapore.

Unique Considerations in Grand Piano Moving

Considering a grand piano removal or transport, what are some possible challenges that are unique to it?

  • Grand piano size dimensions  
    Grand pianos are more horizontal than vertical. This grand and impressive form already presents a logistical problem by itself. Not only is it heavy to lift on its own; it comes in a wide horizontal case that can be difficult to maneuver during relocation.
  • Hallways, stairs, slim doorways
    If your home is on the upper floors, moving a grand or any other piano type will be tough. For example, how do you slide a baby grand piano down the stairs without proper equipment or the needed expertise to do so?
  • Possible location obstructions
    For a home that has major furniture and fixture obstructions, piano moving can be stressful. You may have to learn how to disassemble a baby grand piano or to use a piano board correctly. Unfortunately, you may not have the time necessary to learn these prior to your move.

Hire the Right Grand Piano Movers in Singapore

Grand piano moving cost is often a concern for those hiring piano movers in Singapore. Some people mistakenly think that piano transport cost has to be expensive. But experts know this doesn’t have to be so.

With the weight and piano removing difficulties unique to a grand piano, damaging your instrument during a faulty move can be more expensive. If you’re moving a concert grand piano and caused it damage in the process, for instance, an entire show could be jeopardized unnecessarily.

Although grand piano movers do charge a fee, this is minimal compared to the risks of a do-it-yourself move if you’re not experienced enough.

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Troubled by thoughts on how to move a baby grand piano across the country? No need to be stressed out anymore. SG Piano Movers takes care of your grand piano moving needs at any time.

And if you need additional services such as a piano restoration in Singapore or an old piano disposal, come to us.

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