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One of the first steps necessary in procuring piano removal or moving services is to get a quote.
With a few piano moving quotes to choose from, you can check first which services are a good fit for your budget.

SG Piano Movers makes sure you get a free quote prior to any piano moving and tuning service. This also applies to piano removal, disposal, restoration, and others.

Before the start of any transaction, we offer to provide an obligation-free quote to our clients. This way, you will know how much you are paying, and for what.

Things to Remember When Requesting Piano Moving Quotes

The following suggestions are helpful when asking for quotes:

  • Be clear.
    To ensure that you get at least an approximate amount, indicate which service/s you specifically need.
  • Consider your location.
    Piano moving can either be local or long-distance. If the relocation is long-distance, be prepared to shell out more.
  • Prepare for contingencies.
    Perhaps you may need piano tuning or storage after relocating your piano. Keep in mind that these additional services can lead to added fees.

Avoid Hidden Charges on Piano Transport and Other Services

One misconception about long-distance or local piano movers is that the fees can be too steep for the average spender.

While there are expensive quotes from some service providers, it’s not impossible to find reasonable rates on many piano services in SG. Moving a piano in a pickup truck in Singapore? If possible, take time to consult with a professional mover first.

Remember, the cheapest way to move a piano is not always to do it on your own. The risks of damage and injury can be far more expensive than hiring a mover.

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SG Piano Movers makes sure you know what you’re paying for when planning a piano move.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting piano moving services, piano moving and tuning, or piano storage services from us.

What we guarantee are clear piano moving quotes when and where you need them. Cheap piano movers that also provide top-quality moving solutions are always around.

Ready to have your piano relocated, fine-tuned, or even disposed of?

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