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The thought of moving a beloved Steinway or a precious Yamaha could easily be a cause of concern for many piano owners.

How will the piano moving company handle it? What precautions will the piano mover in Singapore take to ensure the piano’s safety? Does the piano removal service already include an insurance warranty?

Only a professional piano mover can put your concerns to rest. As a piano moving specialist in Singapore, SG Piano Movers takes piano moving and delivery to the next level. Not only do we have the experience required of any piano moving professional, we also take all necessary steps prior, during, and after piano delivery.

But why go for a piano service provider in Singapore? Why not move or relocate your piano on your own?

Best Piano Movers Near Me: Reasons to Hire a Piano Moving Specialist in Singapore

Contrary to a do-it-yourself move, a professional move will be safer, faster, and more efficient overall.

Your piano should be safeguarded from possible scratches and dents while en route to a new location. There may be set timelines, moreover, in relation to your move. If your lease on a space ends on a specific date, your piano should also be out by then. A delay in things can lead to needless stress and unexpected expenses.

A cost to move a piano is no small amount. This necessitates a professional service that gives you the solutions you require when you need it.

Qualities of a Professional Piano Mover

Despite the need for a piano moving service, not all providers will have your best interests in mind. We have outlined some essential qualities of a professional mover – in contrast to an amateur mover — below:

  • Pre-move planning
    A professional will start the moving process well ahead of moving day. Our team of movers will pay a visit to your place to identify the location of the piano, its size and type, the necessary equipment for removal, and possible obstructions to the move itself.
  • Exceptional customer service
    A professional company will respond to queries promptly, provide additional services as needed, and make reasonable adjustments. At the end of the day, it’s important for the service provider to serve the clients’ needs as efficiently as possible.
  • Insurance coverage/guarantee
    A warranty in place assures clients that their piano will be in safe hands. A professional moving company should be willing to handle any damage incurred during a move.

Looking for Nationwide Piano Movers? Choose SG Piano Movers for Your Moving Needs

Don’t settle for less than professional piano services. A reliable company will take into account your specific concerns so as to craft a service tailored for your needs.

After all, your piano is an investment piece that must be handled securely and professionally at all times.

For the best piano movers in Singapore, work with SG Piano Movers.

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