Upright Piano Moving, the Easy Way

Hire an upright piano mover from us. Leave your upright in the hands of an experienced professional. With us, upright piano moving can be done with ease.

  • Rent piano moving dolly and straps along with specialized services.
  • Move, tune, and restore an upright with the help of professionals.

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If you have spent a good amount of money for the purchase or restoration of your upright piano, it makes sense to also ensure its safety during transport.

Whether you have just brought a new upright or are moving to a new house in Singapore, professional moving is a must. This is what SG Piano Movers is here for.

A company of experienced piano movers in Singapore, SG Piano Movers makes sure that your upright piano is well taken care of during local and long-distance moves.

Needing other piano services such as piano moving and tuning or piano rentals in Singapore?
We have the resources too.

Here at SG Piano Movers, we make sure you get the best years out of your beloved upright piano, always.

Factors that Influence Cost of an Upright Piano Mover Service

The cost to move a piano is typically dependent on a few factors. Whether you’re moving an upright piano or moving a grand piano, the overall cost can be determined by the following:

  • The size/weight of the piano
  • Location access point
  • Relocation distance
  • Need for other services such as storage or tuning

Difficulties Arising From Upright Piano Weight and Dimensions

But what if you are bent on a do-it-yourself move? What are some difficulties to look out for?

In the event of a DIY relocation, you will need to have able-bodied volunteers who can lift, strap and carry your upright piano properly. An upright can be as heavy as 600 pounds to 1,000 pounds. Its vertical orientation, moreover, can make it a complex thing to carry even for huge individuals. Many uprights can be as high as 135 cm in height.

Even after you have succeeded in moving your piano out the door, the next question is how to position it in your vehicle.

How easy or difficult is it to move an upright piano with a pickup truck? What are some dos and don’ts for its placement? Can you, for example, place an upright piano on its back? Will this, in any way, affect the sound quality of the piano later on?

Need to Move a Piano Downstairs? Get Help from SG Piano Movers Now

SG Piano Movers is a trusted authority when it comes to upright piano transport in Singapore.

If you’re starting to lose sleep wondering how you can move your piano upstairs or downstairs, we’re here for the rescue.

At SG Piano Movers, you need not worry about renting piano moving straps for a DIY move.

We can also take care of piano moving dolly rentals. You can just sit back and relax as we take care of piano transport to your location of choice.

Interested yet? Call us at SG Piano Movers now for a free quote on upright piano removal services.


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